Backflow Enclosures

Selecting The Right Backflow Enclosures

As is the case with backflow insulation, choosing the right backflow enclosure can be tricky. There’s a ton of different configurations available and a wide variety of price ranges as well.

Here are some quick tips on choosing one that fits your application:

1) Figure out what ASSE class you need first. The ASSE classes are broken down into I, II, and III. Class I provides freeze protection (heated and insulated0, Class II provides frost protection (R-13 or more insulated), and Class III is just a protective cover with no insulation and no heat. Knowing what class you need is crucial to moving forward.

2) Decide if you want a backflow cage or an enclosure with solid walls. Most residential applications include the enclosure vs the cage. Enclosure’s keep the unit hidden from view and tend to look more aesthetic and blend in better to the landscape.

3) Measure the backflow device. Write down the height and the length and width at the top and bottom. Keep these measurements in front of you when shopping for an enclosure of the right size. This can be a bit tricky due to the shape of some of the backflow enclosures out there. be sure to measure carefully!

4) Lock it! Be sure to choose a cover that can be locked and make sure to keep it locked at all times so thieves, kids and critters can’t get at it.

This video here offers some solid advice on what to look for;

Backflow Parts And Repair Kits

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